Lovell Hand & Orthopedic Center

Why Lovell

Prioritizing Patient Care Over Institutional Care

“The pundits and the experts have told me repeatedly that you can’t change healthcare and that system-first, not patient-first, is the only option for us as physicians and you as the patient. I beg to differ. Real diametric change is always a bottom-up approach, not top-down. And I am excited about it.”

Every design aspect and strategic mission for our practice was developed with the customer in mind. We are focused on expediting appointment times, minimizing lag time between diagnosis and procedure and giving patients choices in how they pay for their care. Often we can charge such a low cash amount that patients will save thousands by not using their high deductible insurance. Having choices is always better than not. We will also offer a wide array of in-office procedures that can dramatically reduce the cost to the patient and reduce risk.

Introducing WALANT


What is WALANT?

Humans have sought ways to minimize or eliminate pain for thousands of years. Today, doctors have two very different ways of preventing pain during surgery. General anesthesia puts you to sleep. Local anesthesia numbs only the specific area you are having surgery. These medications can be topical but, more commonly, they are injected into the skin. These injections are used frequently by your dentist and in many areas throughout medicine.

Avoid Hospitalization

So What’s So Great About WALANT?

WALANT is a way of performing hand surgery, even bigger cases, without the use of sedation. By avoiding general anesthesia which requires an endotracheal tube (breathing tube inserted into the airway) there is an immediate elimination of the risks associated with being put to sleep. There is no risk of heart or lung complications, no risk of injuring structures in your mouth and airway, no risk of nausea or vomiting, and no risk of post-operative confusion or delirium. Also, there is no need to fast or deprive yourself of food or water, because you will not be sedated. You will not need to see your regular physician for a pre-surgical clearance. Nor will you need a pre-operative EKG or any lab work done. If insurance allows, you will have your surgery done in one of our 4 in-office surgery suites which dramatically reduces your cost by avoiding the huge price tag of going to a hospital or surgical center.

All of these benefits equate to having surgery that is profoundly safer, dramatically less expensive, markedly more efficient, much easier to schedule, and significantly less disruptive to your life. Patients are able to drive themselves to and from their procedures. Depending on the procedure, you could return to work the same day and not even miss a day of work.

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Typical Hand Surgery

  • Requires pre-op clearance (labs, EKG)

    Delays treatment $$

  • Must schedule with primary doctor

    Delays treatment $$

  • Must schedule with hospital/surgical center

    Delays treatment $$

  • Added cost of hospital or surgical center

    Triples cost (or more) $$$$

  • Anesthesia risks/side effects

    stroke, heart attack, confusion, nausea

  • Requires driver & recovery room

    sedation monitoring

  • Multiple bills, multiple providers (facility, anesthesia, surgeon)

    Complex billing, $$$

  • Environmental waste

    8-10 times greater waste in standard OR

In Office Procedure


  • NO pre-op clearance, NO added cost

  • NO need to schedule with primary doctor, NO added cost

  • NO hospital/surgical center, NO delay

  • NO cost of hospital or surgical center, HUGE savings

  • NO Anesthesia risks/side effects, ZERO anesthetic complication

  • Can drive yourself, return to work the same day!!

  • One provider, one bill

  • 10% the landfill waste