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Carpal Tunnel

Lovell Hand & Orthopedic Center is featured on, check out Barbara’s experience with the SmartRelease procedure below:


Lovell Hand & Orthopedic Center is changing the way hand surgery is done. Check out the interviews Dr. Lovell has done to hear more about his philosophy and all the innovative ideas happening at our practice!

The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

Dr. Eric Larson is a local anesthesiologist who sat down with Dr. Lovell to discuss why Lovell Hand is different, specifically when it comes to anesthesia. You can hear more of Dr. Larson’s podcasts by visiting his website

Healthcare Americana

Healthcare Americana is an organization that shares many of the same ideas as Dr. Lovell when it comes to how we can make healthcare better. Listen to this podcast to learn more and visit to hear like-minded healthcare professionals share their stories.

WOOD Radio

Dr. Lovell was a guest on Talk of the Town on WOOD radio. Listen to their conversation and learn how Lovell Hand came to be and where we are headed!