Lovell Hand & Orthopedic Center

ActivArmor at Lovell Hand

LHOC has partnered with ActivArmor to be able to offer 3D printed, waterproof casts and splints. We are the only clinic in the state of Michigan to offer this unique product. We don’t want a fracture or injury to slow you down, and that is why we have formed this partnership with ActivArmor. With their help, our patients are able to continue their active lifestyles by having a custom, form-fitted, waterproof and sanitizable cast.


3D Printed

Scanned in office and ready in a few days time


Continue to do the things you love


Don't let an injury hold you back from life

So, what's the big deal..?

ActivArmor allows patients to get back to their lives while healing from an injury because they are waterproof, comfortable, and breathable. This means you can still play sports, swim and sweat in these durable casts without worrying about skin irritation or stench. 

The process of getting these made is quick and easy. Since they are 3D printed, and therefore made just for you, we can take the scan right here in the office and have the cast ready in just a few days. 

Lovell Hand is all about next generation orthopedics, and ActivArmor fits right in line with that philosophy. “At Lovell Hand our vision is founded upon merging innovation, technology, and proven orthopedic principles to provide the highest possible patient care experience. Our partnership with Diana and her team at ActivArmor, who fabricate custom 3D printed casts, checks all those boxes. Whether you want to get back to your sport, to the gym, in the water, or simply want the best fitting, most comfortable, hygienic cast available, Lovell Hand and ActivArmor have you covered.”

Whether you are a patient of our clinic or just need a revolutionary cast, we are happy to assist in your fracture care with the help of ActivArmor.